Light and Schools

The Foundation funds the purchase of equipment for schools working together with the Lexi Excellence Cluster.


Science Bridges


School Children Learn Life Sciences at University of Hamburg.

Science Bridges brings together school and university or, in other words, teaching and research. It is geared towards students in the 11th and 12th grades who will be taught biology and chemistry (the so-called "life sciences") both in the classroom and at Hamburg University. Teachers, professors, and scientists will work together to develop a course based on the schools' biology and chemistry curricula. In the parts of the course taught at the university, participating students get insight into what it's like to study the natural sciences at a university and are encouraged through this special program to pursue a degree in the future. Exciting experiments will be part of the experience, focusing on current research topics including, among others, molecular genetics.

The Joachim Herz Stiftung developed the "Bridges into Science" project together with Hamburg University. The goal is to implement new formats for academic education and afterwards to evaluate them.